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2012 First Raccoon Release

Website: www.4thewild.org

2012 Orphaned Season

Website: www.4thewild.org

Orphans first Rain.

Website: www.4thewild.org

Raccoons in a Hammock

Website: www.4thewild.org

The potty Song

Website: www.4thewild.org

The Release of The Turkey Vulture

Website: www.4thewild.org

The Sleeping Raccoon

Website: www.4thewild.org

Water Our Wildlife

Website: www.4thewild.org

This years fawns 2012

A review of our first orphan fawns for the 2012 season at Wild Heart Ranch.

Website: www.wildheartranch.org

This years skunks 2012

An introduction to this years orphan skunks that found their way to Wild Heart Ranch. We usually do any where from 20 to 40 skunks a year.

Website: www.wildheartranch.org

Wild Mission For Life

As we prepare for the spring orphan brood, hundreds of injured animals are back in the woods and flying free in the skies again. Some recent and favorite faces that we grew to know.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Moving the Porcupine.

We are overwintering a porcupine and needed to move it from an indoor cage to an outdoor enclosure.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

2011 A Year in Review

This is a collection of photos taken through out the year of 2011 at Wild Heart Ranch

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Jasmine the Bobcat

Jasmine is playing with her new Kong that was purchased from the money donated at Pet Stop in Owasso.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Skunk Release

This is one of many skunk releases that Wild Heart Ranch did in the Summer

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Last Raccoon Release 2011

The last of the 2011 Raccoons being released.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Injured Beaver Rescue 2011

The capture of an injured adult beaver in Claremore Oklahoma.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Raccoon Release

Beautiful weather on October 10th 2011 and time to release some raccoons back into the wild.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Please VOTE for us Now!

The contest is now over and we came in 3rd place. Thank you so much for voting for us.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Squirrel release May 2011

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Beaver Breakfast

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Beaver Kit

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Fox Cam

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Clinic Tour April 2011

Just a normal morning in the clinic as we clean cages, feed babies and do our part to save the planet!

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org



Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Juvenile Bald Eagle

A young Bald Eagle with a broken wing spent a night with us before being taken to the Tulsa Zoo for treatment. What an amazing baby!!

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Dog Plow at Wild Heart

When you cant shovel another shovel and your back is killing you, you look at the horses you call dogs and think Hmmmmm…

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org


At Wild Heart Ranch, from April to August we work around the clock caring for hundreds of infant wild animals who have lost their mothers for one reason or another.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Meet Ned Bruha

I am The Skunk Whisperer

Website: www.TotalWildlifeControl.com

The Skunk Whisperer Humane Wildlife Control

The Skunk Whisperer, Inc. is a no-trap, no kill wildlife management company with an upcoming show on Animal Planet. We evict & exclude uninvited wildlife from your structure with long lasting results. This video contains graphic pictures of trap injured & killed animals and may be unsuitable for children.

Website: www.TotalWildlifeControl.com

Critter Guard

A contraption that will keep squirrels off of your telephone, cable and power lines. Our clients were some of the first in the U.S. to utilize these on their homes vs. power lines and power poles... if wildlife can find a way onto your building they can probably find a way in, too...

Website: www.TotalWildlifeControl.com

Ginger horse

February 18th 2011

This horse lived 2 weeks buried under 3 feet of snow.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

Antifreeze Cat

A few hours after this footage was taken the cat finally stopped seizing. It should be a criminal offense to use poisons to kill animals. Period. When I taped this footage, I was extremely upset. If I offend anyone, then Im on the right track.

Website: www.WildHeartRanch.org

I am an Animal Rescuer

Written by Annette King Tucker of Wild Heart Ranch and put to video by The Sadie Mae Foundation.

Website: www.SadieMaeFoundation.org